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Our “Rolling Stock Monitoring and Management System” is called “ATRAC” (for “automatic tracking”).


ATRAC is a computer-based “OIS” (Operations Information System) to help manage the railway operations in stations and along the line, and at the central train control office (called COTRAF for “CONTROL TRAFFIC”).

ATRAC does not deal with financial aspects.





The central system is located at the Central Train Control office (COTRAF) and it models the daily railway activities from an operations point of view. Its database is fed automatically with information on events from the “field”, and complemented with information entered centrally. The system ALSO provides timely and reliable information, together with relevant management tools, to railway managers.





It relies on dedicated systems on-board vehicles for helping collecting information, improving communications between the central control room and the railway staff (in particular loco drivers), and also for minimizing the negative technical and financial impact of derailments thanks to early derailment detection.








ATRAC aims at addressing the following issues:


- “Global” management of the rolling-stock fleet

- Monitoring of train operations - Technical information and follow up of individual vehicles (locos and wagons)

- Client information on their consignments

- Locomotive fuel consumption monitoring

- Train early derailment detection

- Reliable communications between trains and control room

- Visibility for the operational activities on the railway (management reports, statistics, KPIs)






ATRAC monitors railway operations in near-real-time.

This is done by installing computer systems on-board locomotives and TAGS under all wagons to collect and manage information locally, and by liaising this equipment with a central system and a central database. The locomotive drivers can use the ATRAC system with their on-board touch-screen display. These systems are interconnected with other computer equipment from loco manufacturer and with mechanical components of the loco.

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The TAG is a high technology box embedded in the wagon that provides the driver and the control traffic office with an amount of essential information:

  • The location
  • The identification and the order of the wagon in the train
  • The temperature to avoid further troubles
  • The position with a 3D sensors to prevent and early detect derailment


Indeed, these features allow a good network operation but also to perform an early prevention derailment.

Each TAG also contains a communication system that enables to pass on the information “hand-shaking” with every wagon to reach the management system in the locomotive.




The TAG MASTER is the communication system and management software. It is located in the locomotive and translates the messages coming from the tags and informs the driver and the traffic control about the location, the identification and eventual accidents.





TAG SYSTEM is also compatible with our ATRAC system and our “Train Approaching Warning System” (“TAWS”) , which aims at warning road vehicles and trespassers about approaching trains (at villages, level crossing points, tunnels, etc.). TAWS is a remotely controlled system flashing beacons at dangerous locations in a timely and centrally controlled manner.


(Train Approaching Warning System)


TAWS® (Train Approaching Warning System) is a simple, automatic signal Solution aiming at improving safety by generating light & sound alarm at critical locations of a rail network (schools, community areas, populated neighborhoods, non-guarded crossings, tunnels, blind curves, etc.) to announce a train approaching.

TAWS is an automatic and autonomous warning beacons system that tends to improve the operating security alongside the railways, near critical junctures such as schools, communities, crossing levels, tunnels, …

Taws is a beacon that holds a sound and luminous alarm system that automatically turns on when a train is approaching. It is totally personalized system.

The central system allows to follow on real-time the trains and the proper functioning of the beacons. Both the driver and the traffic control office have an interface to manage the system.



MobiTAWS® is an ultra portable version of TAWS®, our successful autonomous signaling solution aiming at improving safety at critical locations of a rail network. It targets the teams working at track maintenance. This mobile safety equipment replaces the traditional flag-based manual system. It shortens and improves the safety procedures. Even in “dark territory”, it provides simple communications between work teams, stations and traffic control center, as well as drivers of approaching trains.


( anti-collision system )


IdoRail® is a novel and autonomous anti-collision system establishing direct loco cab communications to optimize collision prevention Operational performance:



RT Onboard®



Rolling Stock Tag System for Real Time In motion Control - is a wagon tagging system providing real time train information (automatic train composition, integrity check, early derailment detection, hot box detection, loco to control communications, etc)







We are able to provide the best safety systems in a toolbox.

According to your needs, we can adapt our toolbox to fit to your reality.


FALCO® is an automatic and autonomous level crossing (LC) aiming at improving operational safety. The functioning of the barriers (opening/closing, sound and light alarm) is activated by GPS when trains are approaching. It is remotely controlled and can be monitored from the Central Traffic Control Office. Train drivers are informed of the status of the next level crossing via the driver display console. FALCO® works with the same technology as our TAWS® (Train Approaching Warning System).